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"Now you can discover the secrets, tricks an J shortcuts other woodworkers are using in their workshops—an J put them to work for YOU in yours!"

• Want to know the "insider's secret" for staining end grain so it matches side and face grain? See PAGE 259.

• Build perfect-fitting drawers every time with the secret on PAGE 80.

• Try the pantyhose secret that makes it a breeze to apply urethane or polyur-ethane finishes WITHOUT bubbles. PAGE 265.

• Rout evenly spaced dadoes WITHOUT resetting the fence each time! Secret on PAGE 75.

Page after page of this amazing volume is bursting with tried and true secrets to help you cut and assemble every joint imaginable . . . build jig»

and fixtures to make all your tasks faster, easier and more precise . . . true-up, repair and maintain all your shop machinery'. . . finish every project to perfection . . . sharpen your tools and your woodworking skills. . . and so much more!

Fully illustrated for EASY use. You simply can't go wrong!

Over 500 illustrations make the hints, tips and shortcuts even EASIER

for you to put into practice.

SHOP TIPS gives you 100% confidence that every job will turn out the way it SHOULD!

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

You're invited to try all of these incredible tips FREE for 21 days. This is a strictly "on-approval" basis. You can send this volume back if you're not completely satisfied. And, if SHOP TIPS ever fails to live up to your expectations, you can return it for a full refund, with no questions asked.

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