Jim Morgans Wood Profits

Jim Morgan's Wood Profits

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how does a major manufacturer

Of Abrasives Effect The woodworking hobbyist?

Or How Does A Simple Idea Grow Into A Catalog?

offered: 21/»" x 16", 3" x 18", 3" x 21", 3" x 24". 4" x 21" and 4" x 24' (the 4" wide belts have 30 per box) and the Ixist part is you choose the grits. Extra coarse, coarse, medium, medium-fine, fine and extra-line grits make this a no-lose situation. There are six belts in each grit pack (five in the 4" wide belts); you choose six of the packs in any combination and you've got your Box of I kilts.

If you haven't tried Klingspors Sanding products, order one of the lxirgains and get the value you deserve. Or if you'd rather see the entire catalog, simply mail the postage-paid card below for a free 1 year subscription.

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Klingspor's Sanding Catalogue

I'O Box 3737 Hickory, NC 28603-3737

"Quality Sanding Products for the Professional'

ORO.E NO 40 ON pqooocn wtormation fohv

Klingspor's Sanding Catalogue came about in early 1989. Having manufactured the highest quality abrasives since 1893, Klingspor Abrasives found a way to offer the woodworking hobbyist the same products the largest furniture manufacturers in the world use—tally industrial grade materials.

A simple "Bargain Box" got the whole idea in motion. Twenty pounds of sanding materials left over from our automated manufacturing systems were packed into a lx>x and sold at the unbelievable price of only $29.00 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)! Some of the more daring woodworkers out there, not knowing what they were getting into, gave this deal a try. In no time, the word was getting out that no other sanding materials compared to the ones

$29 Bargain Box

Choose any combination of coarse, medium or fine grit.

offered in the Bai^ain Box. One thing lead to another and a small catalog was born. Most of you have probably seen, heard of or even ordered from

Klingspor's Sanding Catalogue over the years and the good news is the Bargain Box is still available. You simply cannot get a better deal anywhere—you choose the grits you want in any combination of C=eoarse, M=medium or F=fine.

$29 Box of Belts

Choosefwm 2V/x 16", J'x .V.x 21", 3'x24', 4* x21' and 4' x 24".

Then to fun her the story, Klingspor's Sanding Catalogue developed another "Bargain" to show you, the woodworker, the quality of the materials offered and to entice you to order and get the value you deserve from your sanding products. What came about next rocked the whole woodworking industry—the "Box of Belts ". How could a mailorder company possibly sell 36 sanding belts for only $29.00 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)? That's only $.80 per belt—totally unheard ofl The most common portable belt sizes are

Then, as you sharpen initially, keep the stone well washed with water to prevent paste buildup.

On the final strokes, when you're ready to move to the higher-grit stone, reduce pressure, and allow the paste to remain on the stone. This will make the scratches on the tool shallower, and makes for less work as you hone on the finer-grit stone.

Tosl 110 OJate Autlior, sculptor and shoji maker

Woodbury, CT

Discolored Pine

QMuch of the pine available in my area has black and gray streaks. Is it possible to bleach the wood to make the color uniform?

Joe Aymond Port Barry, LA

A The staining and streaking in question is the result of a staining fungus that grows only in the sap-wood—especially during warm weather—and causes a stain that varies from

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