SANTA FE STYLE BENCH Kit (42* w). Ready to assemble and finish. For FREE brochure: SANTA FE KIT FURNITURE CO., Dept AW', 309 Montezuma, Suite 360, Santa Fe, NM 87501. (800) 442-5802.

Make Thousands!

Tum your scrap wood into big profits!

I'm offering IS of ay top noncy iwkina patterns. These are an ossortnent of snail 1tens which you can nato and have finished ready for sale without painting. Plus, I wilt send yoo «»any tine-saving noney-saving tips fron aver 20 years experience. In Just a few •tnotes you will bo able to wko enough fro« your left over wood to pay for these patterns. Send SIS.00 for citterns & tips to:

Wood Craft

P.O. Box 57. Hcrculoncuin. MO 63048 1 800 757 7895 VKAjMC

PLANS FOR BEAUTIFUL Wood display models of locomotives. Send $1.00 for brochure. STEAMER PLANS, 4341 Avon. Independence, MO 64055.

MUZZLELOADING RIFLE KITS: Assemble your own Pennsylvania/Kentucky rifle, 1861, 1863 Springfield, Brown Bess. Charle-ville, or other muzzleloading rifles with one of our kits. Order the GIANT 600 HMiE Dixie Gun Works catalog today! Send $5.00 or $&50 COD to DIXIE GUN WORKS, Dept. AW, P.O. Box 130, Union City, TN 38261. Or «rail: (901) 885-0700.

WEAVING IXX)M: 1-harness, jack-type floor model. MortiseAenon construction, plans & detailed instructions, $24.99 ppd. CREST LANE DESIGNS, 108 Crest Lane, Ithaca, NY 14850.

MAKE WOODEN TOYS! Whirligigs! Door harps! Dollhouses! Banks! Clocks! Dozens of fun wooden toys from our easy to use plans, parts and kits. All skill levels! Catalog $1.00. CHERRY TREE TOYS, Box 369-322F, Belmont, OH 43718. Phone free: (800) 8484363, Ext. 319.

205 N Cascade Fergus Fais. MN 56537 Cal lor deurfj & c*Jtog today

205 N Cascade Fergus Fais. MN 56537 Cal lor deurfj & c*Jtog today

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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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