Imagine using a power tool to sand all those areas where before, you had to fold up a piece of paper and "finger sand." With the Fein "Triangle" Sander you can sand right up to, into, and along edges & corners without du lling the edge or altering the profile.

Unlike ordinary sanders, the FEIN 'Triangle" Sander doesn't rotate, rather it "oscillates" (a side to side movement) at a blurring 20,000 times a minute. This unique action combined with the distinct triangular sanding pad, keeps the sander from running away from, or bouncing off of the edge line.

The sanding pad can be rotated, bent, formed, orcutdown to*any size you want for sanding moldings and channels.

The Fein 'Triangle" Sander takes the drudgery out of hand sanding and frees up hours of your valuable time.

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