Padding finishes and other finish-restoration supplies arc available from:

Garrett Wade, 161 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013, (800) 221-2942. (Behlen products)

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Mohawk Finishing Products,

5715 State Hwy. 30, Amsterdam, NY 12010, (800) 545-0047. ($50 minimum order) cukxf-wm Star Finishing Products, 360 Shore Drive, Hinsdale, IL 60521, (800) 323-5390. ($50 minimum order) aiicu;»«rt

Woodworker's Supply 1108 North Glenn Rd., Casper, WY 82601, (800) 6-15-9292. (Behlen products) <mi****

occasional straight strokes. Hie idea is to build coat after coat—each coat whisper-thin—with circular actions, then every so often go back to straight strokes to even out the finish. Here's my rule of thumb: Wfyen in trouble, go straight; wljen all is well use circles. This means when the finish starts to build unevenly, use straight strokes, moving the pad off the edge at the end of each stroke to remove excess material ;uid even out the finish. When the finish looks even, go back to building the finish with circular movements, keeping the pad on die surface. As the finish starts to build once more and leave ridges, even it out again with straight strokes, then continue padding circles.

Never stop the pad on the surface, or it will leave a mark. (If you get a mark, remember the rule: Go straight when in trouble.) When you want to stop, glide the pad off the surface like an airplane taking off. As you lay on very thin coats of finish, the pad will start to dry out and you'll need to apply more pressure on the pad to force the same amount of finish onto the surface. As the pad becomes too dry and fails to leave finish on the surface, open the outer wrapping and put a few drops of padding finish onto the inner pad. Wrap the pad tightly again, tap it on your palm, and continue padding.

When you think the finish looks good—which can take as little as five minutes on a 2-ft.-square area—

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