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P.O. Box 7591 Red Oak, IA 51591 (800)666-3111 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME Sdl amfjucan Woodworker in your store, risk-free. Call (800) 845*050 for details.

Amuuiam WutMnruau* (ISSN K"VWI8) is puM«hed six limes a year in January. Starch. Mar. July. September, and November by Rodde I'm» Inc.. 33 E. Minor St-, ftnmaus, PA 18098. (215) 967-5171. ©1993 by Kodak Proa. Inc. j.l. Kodak-. Founder. Ardath Rodalc. Chairman of the Board; Robcn Teufel. President of Kodak Pres» SUBSCRIPTION RATHS: li s. one year. $24; twayear. $48 Single-copy. $3.95. Canada, one year. $30. two-year, $60 (Canadian rund») GST *-R12298&>l I. Hwetam. oneyrar. $35. two-year. $70 (U.S. rund») Ui no* «und dntribuOon hv Curtis Ur dilation Co.. llackcntack. NJ 07610. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE paid at Emmaux. PA and additional mailing office* POSTMASTER Send addre*» chances to Amuucan WocwoMtiJl. P.O. Bo* 7591. Red Oak. IA 51591. CON-iRIBtrroj^iUIOEIJNKS; Available upon retjuoL (215)

13-Piece Set

A super deal on 13 of our finest 1/2" shank carbide-tipped ( bits! All ball-bearing bits include CMrs anti-kickback design and JM shielded bear- ^fimI logs

Fellow Woodworkers, P ^¿vv encountered CMT jt jl 1

router bitt, some of V^k'SB* f/i^ir features w ere so .

viiiblv obvious that I ^M knew immediately ^^^ ^ 4k.

ii vi*ry positive impact -

for all woodworkers* The excellent workmamhip orul innovative design engineering i* twt ju\t apparent, it's conspicuous!

Extended use of CM 1 bits ¡fives testimony to their high grade fatigue-proof xteel shank.% and their edifc bidding carbide. Once yew tn CMT tools, you will agree that they deserve all the applause they arc receiving front woodworking journals and HtNHhvorking experts worU•

Ybu've invested in a fine jig, now you **

need a matching set of carbide tipped bits with the precise geometry the jig demands. Incra. JoinTECH and Leigh sets feature CMPs unique solid hardwood case.

800-500 8-pc. 1/4" shank *et for Incra & JoinTECH Xtat: $137.60 .T!t5ale: 1 99.00

800-501 8-pc. 1/24' shank set for Incra & JoinTECH Ust: S145.80 Sale: $109.°°

800-502 10-pc. l/4M & 1/2" shank set for Leigh lis Ust: MOtt Sale: $129.°°

800-617 5-pc. 1/4M shank set for Ketter #1601 Jig List: MVZb Sale: S11 8/°

800-618 4-pc. 3/8w & 1/2" shank set for KeBer #2401 ..List: $4*3720 Sale: '11 4."

Patrick Spiebnan. Author

Router llasics, Router Handbook, Router

Jigs and Techniques

12-Piece Set

This sot of 1/4* shank carbide tippod bus includes chamfer, rabbot. radius, flush trim, cove and ogee bits with shielded bearings. Also included are ^ dovetail. V-groove. mortising, round nose and two straight bits

CMT's Kitchen Collection

Throe sets of superb 1/2* shank bits make up our 'Kitchen Collection.* car-bido lipped bits that cover all your door & drawer needs. Each sot includes a Raised Panol bit. matching Hail & Stilo cuttors. Glue Joint and Drawer Lock brts Chooso your favofito profiles from the soloct»on below.

800-503 12-Pioce 1/4" Shank Set Ust: S22C40 $f CO 00

6-Piece Starter Set

Here's a groat introduction to tho CMT line! Includes six of our finest 1/2* shank bits including I ( Round Nose. Cove.

Rabbeting. Roundover. Ogee and Chamfer profiles The five ^^ ball-beanng bits feature anti-kickback design.

fc " 800-504

6-Fleco 1/2" Shank Set Ust: SS97.90 $11000

800-511 Bevd & Radks Set tteetdt •8 r imatitv

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