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lar saw won't work in this position.)

Our tests showed Exac-T-Guide was excellent for sawing and routing sheet goods up to 4 ft. wide, 8 ft. long and % in. thick. Because you move the saw or router instead of the workpiece, you ean eut a full sheet of plywood or MDF in half the space you'd need with a tablcsaw. You can even mount a biscuit joiner in Exac-T-Guide for locating a row of biscuit slots accurately.

But we found it was awkward to cut to widths over about 30 in. (unless you flipped over the workpiece), because you have to stretch too far. Also, when routing dadoes across the tool's width, we had to clamp down the free end of the "T-square" blade to keep it from deflecting and skewing the cut.

Accessory stops ($44) arc available for making accurate stopped cuts or for repeating patterns like simulated raised panels. (Price: S229) Aim Tools hie., 91 Niagara St., Toronto, Canada M5V 1C3, (800) 665 0900. a* »-<-)«

The Saw Trax Professional model is designed to work like a sliding compound-miter saw. but it's more versatile since you can crosscut parts up to 35 in. wide and rout across panels 33 in. wide. (The less expensive Standard model crosscuts to 21 in. and routs to 19 in.)

To use Saw Trax, you just clamp a

Exac-T-Guide router. To rout or saw parallel to the guide channel, you push the square and carriage assembly along the channel. To rout perpendicular to the guide channci, you move the carriage back and forth along the "T-square's" blade. ('l"he circu-

Saw Trax Professional circular saw or router in the steel carriage, which slides smoothly on two heavy-gauge steel lubes. You can use the fixture for straight, miter and compound miter cuts.

An accessory rip carriage ($119) lets you mount the saw perpendicular to the guide tubes and lock it in place. Then, to make long rip cuts, you feed the stock under the blade as you would when ripping on a radial arm saw.

We found that Saw Trax crosscut accurately, although it's difficult to see the blade while cutting, since it's under the carriage. Using the rip carriage was a bit awkward because the carriage and guide tubes prevent you from placing your liands in a convenient position to control the stock.

Saw Trax is great for muting dadoes or grooves across a workpiece. We could rout perfect tapered sliding dovetail grooves just by placing paper shims under one end of the workpiece to tilt it slightly. (Price: Professional model $329.95, Standard model $269.95) Tinkerdell Inc., Box 1/70. Kennesatv, C,A 30144, (404) 424-3046. urcui«ai

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