Top Quality Guaranteed Lumber Turning Squares Rough Or Surfaced

GOOD HOPE HARDWOODS-Curly cherry, walnut, figured mahogany and tiger maple. Highly figured Clan) walnut in matched sets for fine furniture and in flitches up to 54 In. wide by 13 ft. long. NORMAN HUGHES, 1627 New London Rd., Landenberg, I* 19350. (215) 274-8842.

FANTASTIC INVENTORY-Logs, lumber, turning blanks, instrument woods. Catalog $2.00. GILMER WOOD CO., 2211 NW St Helens Road, Portland, OR 97210. (503) 274-1271.

SAWMILL DIRECT-100% Legal cocobolo/ bocote from managed forest Largest inventory in the US. Large list of squares, lumber, logs, turning stock. ALSO—Ebony, tulipwood, ziri-cole, lignum vitae, pink ivory, snakewood and more. Used woodturning lathes. S.A.S.E: TROPICAL EXOTIC HARDWOODS, Box 1806, Carlsbad, CA 92018 (619) 434-3090. Visa/MC.

"GOOD WOOD" Pennsylvania hardwoods. Many species & sizes. FREE catalog. CROFFWOOD MILLS, RD 1, Box 14C, Driftwood, I* 16832.

QUILTED, CURLY, Burl, spalted-maple-boards, blocks, flooring. 100 lbs. figured shorts: $100-Free shipping. RANDLE WOODS, P.O. Box 96, Randle, WA. (800) 845-8042.

Cherry, majjle—curly, birds-eye, walnut, oak, poplar and much more.

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