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Delta's new Deluxe Uniguard combines the split-cover design of die st;indird Uniguard with a longer, right-side support arm for greater rip and crosscut capacity. Its C-shapcd support arm circles around any extension table and mounts to the rear of the saw tabic. Another bracket is supplied for optional support at die end of a right extension table. 'Hie guard is designed primarily to work with IX-lta's fence system and saws, but it should fit on most l()-in. tablesaws with minor modifications to the mounting bracket.

The split blade cover adjusts side to side by sliding the telescoping extension arm and locking it in place with a knob. Like the standard Uniguard, each side of the split blade cover lifts independently, so one side can stay on the table to protect your hands during non-through cuts.

The plastic cover offers good visibility, and the 2^i-in. inside width allows a 45° cut at full blade height.

I found it easy to flip the covers up and out of the way for making adjustments and measurements around the blade, or to cliangc the blade. Also, the extension arm rotates up to give enough

Delta guards* *|>lit covers offer greater protection for non-through cut*: one sale can ride oil the work while the other stays on the tal>lc.

clearance for crosscut boxes, though 1 found it easiest to remove the extension arm and cover assembly entirely.

Since there's only 4 in. of clcarancc between the extension arm and the table, it's difficult to reach cutoffs alter they pass the blade. To overcome this, you need an outfeed table and a push stick with a long, narrow nose (die push stick included with the guard will do).

A splitter with anti-kicklxick pawls is included, but it must be removed from the saw for non-through cuts. You can also mount the saw's power switch on the guard's supjxjrt ami.

Street Price: $230

Maximum Rip Width: 52 in.

capacity right of blade; unlimited capacity left of blade.

•Splitter included.

Delta International Machinery Corp.

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