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Ve*v* Ol: an rvtarior wood inert that seali tta. stara ft protects wood m on* H&kJficn Martenance free Ho need lo wnch Cabin ft Deck FWsh: e*ienor wax) 1nsh f\at * deep ccrqfnrtrq tormUa of ois. resins lungcides ft water proofng compounds Chemgard Wood Trfitnwvli ant»-mokj ft midew trcafrxr* deal tor logs that wonl be tor months after they're mUed. VELVIT PRODUCTS COMPANY, RO. Box 1741, Dept. AW. Appteton. Wl 54913. (414) 722-8355

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I the ultimate pen and bowl blank I Multi-toned diagonatty-strlped pen blank plus unique woodtumlng catalog - $1.00 12 assorted pen blanks & catalog - $10.00 Full Circle Woodturner. M*rlcetpl Ace 607 18th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218 (800-462-9701)

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Spcáily Formuüttd to protong the use on yaif Circular Bütte. Ctoin Saw R'xtes. Banásaw BMes. Router Blxfci. tr>0 mucfi more 16 02 -S5 95 - $2 00 s&h 1 GAL.-S18 95+-W 50s4h

P.O. Bei 1234 . 833 Comanche Tral Tax« 79604-«15-673-8011



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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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