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Inlay and marquetry are available from Dover Inlay, Box 151, Williamsport, MI) 21795, (301) 223-8620.

Southwestern-style hardware is available from Dimestore Cowboys Inc., 4500 Hawkins NE. Albuquerque, NM 87109. (505) 345-3933. Pressure-sensitive adhesive for making your own press-on, peel-off sanding discs is available (in spray or liquid form) from Klingspor's Sanding Catalogue, Box 3737, Hickory. NC 28603, (8(H)) 228-0000.

smoky gray to blue-black. The stain penetrates throughout the sapwood, so bleaching is ineffective, and you can't plane it out either. To get unstained pine you must work only with the hcartw<xxl or find lumber that has been cut, sawn and dried in the wintertime.

Chemical treatment to discourage fungal growth Ls being phased out for environmental reasons, and discolored pine is becoming more common. Personally, I find the patterns of grain interesting, particularly at the junction of heart- and sapwood.

Jim Sunderland Sawyer Nova Scotia, Canada

Cot u woodworking question for the experts? Send it to "Q&A. " American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor St., Hmmaus, PA 18098, or phone your message to u> at (215) 967-7776. FAX: (215) 967-8956.

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