Front Side Of Router Table

3/8" router bit


3 Clamp both ends of the base to the router table so the bit is approximately centered in the hole. The base's groove goes in front of the router bit as you face the router table. Raise the bit so it's exactly as high as your workpiece is thick (see inset).

Makf Your Triai Cuts_

4 Position the base so the runner is exactly 3/8 in. away from the bit. Use a drill bit as a measuring device. To adjust the base, withdraw the drill bit, loosen one of the clamps and gently tap the base's edge with a hammer. Recheck the spacing with the drill bit and tighten both clamps.

Caution: Make sure the clamp won't hit the router bit.

Cautif. : Turn off the router between cuts when you are moving the clamp.

5 Rout the first notch in test piece A. Mark one edge as the bottom. Butt the workpiece up to the runner, and slide the sled back and forth 1/2 in. or so to cut the notch all the way through. Press down on the sled so it doesn't tip forward.

6 Continue routing notches all the way across test piece A. Lift the workpiece and place each notch onto the runner as you go.This automatically produces a series of fingers that are the same size as the notches.

7 Rout the first notch in test piece B.This time, one side of the notch lines up with B's bottom edge.To set this up, turn piece A around and clamp it to the sled. Its bottom finger gives you a perfect 3/8-in. spacing. When you're done with the first cut, set aside test piece A.

78 American Woodworker march 2005

8 Butt the end notch against the runner and rout again. Continue cutting notches across test piece B, just as you did on piece A.


Bosch, (877) 267-2499, 3/8-in. up-spiral router bit, solid carbide, #85913M, about $70.

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