High Blocks

Introduce a new level of accuracy to your band saw. The Kreg Precision Band 5aw Fence adjusts in two dimensions allowing you to resaw even the thinnest veneer with unprecedented accuracy.

Easy to adjust and easy to remove from the table

Adjustable for blade drift and parallelism

Wlslt vour local KtttG Dealer or our website to learn more.

Rigid Aluminum Fence

Magnified, easy-ro-resd precision lens cursor

■ Pre-drilled holes to fit most band saws


800-447-8638 • www.krefjtnof.com Oto £6- Hmí ^G.-A«?

Band Saw Precision

Circle No 167

Circle No. 12

"I canl believe that it took me so long io upgrade to something that really works."

"The entire system is quality! (and does it work) I am one happy customer!"

'Hands down, this machine tested best, so we named it our Top Tool."

WOOD Magazine - Dec. 2003


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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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