Dovetailed keys fill the ends of the sockets.The secret to making them safely is to keep them attached to a large blank while you make all the angled cuts. First, saw the tapered sides. It's best to make these deep cuts in several passes, rather than all at once.

Crosscut the faces of the keys on the bandsaw. Cut all the back faces, reset the miter gauge and cut the front faces, which bevel at a slightly different angle.

9. Mark the notch locations 011 i lu* leg blanks—these notches are centered. Use the rail lo mark their width.

10. Saw the notches in the rail, using the miter gauge with a long fence attached (Photo 5). Although it's tempting to saw right to the lines, it's better to play it safe by cutting short lirst and then trimming (Photo 6). The notches in the legs are deeper (Photo 7), because the rail has to sit even with (or slightly below) the dovetail shoulders (Photo 8).


11. Drill screw holes in the rail on yonr drill press. Use a fence to center the holes and support the rail. First, drill ihe 3-1 /4-i n.-long counter bores with a 7/16-in. brad-point bit. Flip over the rail to drill the 11/64-in. pilot holes,

12. Saw arches in the rail and arches and tapers in the legs (Photo 9. Fig. A). Smooth the arches with a sanding drum installed in your drill press. Smooth the tapers by jointing, hand planing or sanding.

13. It's easiest to sand all die surfaces smooth and break all the sharp edges before assembly. Be careful around the edges of the dovetail sockets and just below the half-lap notches—sanding these areas too heavily will loosen your joints. From now on, keep your bench covered to protect the sanded top, so it doesn't get scratched,

14. Dry-tit ihe base and top to make sure the dovetail joints slitle and the rail doesn't bind against the top.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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