Joint Too Loose

9 Assemble the two test pieces.

Ideally, they should slide together without any effort. To make gluing easier, the ends of the fingers should be even with or slightly below the surface of the mating piece. Chances are you'll be close on both counts but will still have to tweak the setup.These joints are too loose by a paper's thickness.

| / \ Add a micro-adjust block to fine-tune the joint's fit. It's simply a stop block, one 1 \J playing-card shim and one paper shim clamped next to the jig's base (Fig. C, below). To tighten your box joints, loosen the clamp to the left of the stop block and remove either shim. Then, pivot the base to the right and reclamp it tightly against the block. This slightly increases the distance between the router bit and the sled's runner and widens each finger.To make the joints looser, add another shim.

Figure C How the Micro-Adjust Works

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