Squaring Head

Fine-tuning dado width for a perfect fit can drive you nuts because plywood thickness is inconsistent. Enter the Dado Wiz, $159. That's a lot of dough for a dado-only jig, hut this router-based guide virtually guarantees a perfect fit 011 the first try.

The easy road to success comes from setting up the Dado Wiz with the material that goes into the dado. Simply squeeze it between the index pins on the jig; then lock the sliding head.

The sliding head creates an opening in the Dado Wiz that a Porter-Cable-style guide bushing (included) drops into. Using a bit that's smaller than the dado (for instance, a 1/2-in. bit for a 3/4-in. dado), you make two passes, holding the guide bushing against the lef t side of the opening for the first pass and against the right side for the second.

A variety of index marks allow you to fine-tune the dado width if it's too large or small.

You could make your own guide for the Dado Wiz, but the clamp guide, $45, is a worthwhile accessory. It automatically squares up against the edge of your material, rigidly locking in place. If you've already got this style of clamp, you can get the squaring head only for $25.

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