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For your local Woodcraft store, visit www.woodcraft.com, or for a free catalog, call 800 542-9115



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Your first plate joiner may not be a Lamello, but we're certain your last one will. It makes sense that the people who invented the technique of biscuit joining would build the world's finest plate joiner. These Swiss made, precision crafted tools are the most accurate, repeatable, rugged, reliable machines on the planet.

Here are just a few of the reasons that make them the last plate joiner you'll ever need:

• All slides and contact surfaces are machined (rather than drawn or cast) to ensure absolute precision and flatness

• All guide surfaces are coated to ensure fluid motion and maximum life

• Every machine is inspected for dimensional accuracy and groove tolerance of .001''

• Guaranteed availability of spare parts for 10 years

• Consistently rated the ultimate biscuit joiner by trade journals

And, Lamello makes more than just great Plate Joiners, our Cantex Lipping Planers and Lamina Laminate Trimmers are must have tools for the serious woodworker looking for the ultimate in quality.

Colonial Saw Company, Inc.

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