Zeroclearance Fence

8 Set up your router table for cutting grooves in the frame pieces. Here's the arrangement, taken apart.The grooves are cut with a 1/8-in. slot-cutting bit.The cutter sticks through a zero-clearance slot in a 1/4-in. plywood fence. If your router table has a large opening around the bit, use plywood to cover the hole.

9 Rout grooves the full length of each miter. These grooves will hold a thin spline, which strengthens the joint and guarantees the frame pieces will glue up perfectly even with each other.

12. Plane the frame pieces to exact thickness, so they lit snugly in the panel's grooves. Miter the pieces on the tablesaw (Photo 7). First cut the short pieces (C), so their miters line up with the lid's corners (see right). Clamp both pieces in the panel; then cut the long pieces (B) to fit.

13. Rout grooves on the ends of the frame pieces using a slot cutter (Photos 8 and 9; Fig. C, page 66).

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