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The Lazy Susan consists of two parts: the circular wood frame, and a circular insert. The wood frame actually starts out as an octagon, see Fig. 8.

I eut the eight pieces for the octagon from an oak board 3" wide and 48" long. Each piece is cut to a rough length of 6", and then 22}/-£ miters are cut on both ends of each piece so their final length (from point to point) is 5'/«".

spline grooves. Next, grooves for the splines are cut on the mitered ends of each piece. 1 used the router table with a Vs" straight bit to through-cut these grooves (from edge to edge) so the spline would show on the perimeter of the frame.

The router table is ideal for this kind of ex posed-spline joint because the router bit cuts a nice flat-bottomed groove, (See page 8 for more on this technique.)

To join the eight pieces, I cut splines out of some scrap walnut. These splines are a little tricky to cut because they must fit tight enough so there's no gap in the grooves, but not so large that you can't get a tight fit at the joint lines. (It took three times before I got the size 1 wanted.)

Next, I started gluing-up the frame. I glued pieces together to form a total of four pairs. Then I glued pairs together to form iwo halves. Before assembling the two halves, I used the jig described on page 17 to trim the four mating edges of the halves for a good fit.

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