Turning The Inside Of The Bowl

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To cut the inside of the bowl, set up the large tool rest so it's slightly below the center, and only V*" away from the face. protecting the rim. The first cut is for the safety of the rim. Use the long point of a W skew to cut a V-shaped groove in the face of the bowl at the pencil line, see Fig. 5. By cutting this groove first, the bevel of the gouge will have a shoulder to rest against at the start of the cut. This will prevent it from following its natural tendency to shoot out toward the outside edge, ruining the rim.

removing the insii1e waste. To position the Vz gouge to start the cut, lay the gouge on its side, with the "U" pointing to a spot slightly above the center of the bowl, and the "bevel resting in the groove. The handle should be just a little lower than level and leaning slightly toward the center of the bowl, see Fig. 6.

When the gouge is presented to the wood, it should be introduced firmly to start the cut. As soon as the gouge enters the wood, begin to lower the handle and slowly arc the cutting edge of the gouge toward the center of the bowl. As the cutting edge reaches the highest part of the arc, it's gradually rolled over so that the open side of the "U" is pointing towards the center of the bowl.

The gouge should travel in a shallow arc

5 To prevent the gouge from shooting out to the outside edge of the rim as it enters the wood, use the skew chisel to cut a V-groove in the face of the howl.

8 After the '/*" gouge has shaped the inside profile of the bowl, use the hea vy scraper to shape the outside Up, and to clean up the inside finish of the howl.

from the outside edge of the bowl to the center. To get this movement, move the handle in an arc toward the body. Using the clock face again, the butt of the handle should start in the 4:00 position at the beginning of the cut and then, traveling clockwise, end up in the 9:00 position as it approaches the center, see Fig. 6. Between the 4:00 and 6:00 positions, the handle is actually being lowered. Then as it continues from 6:00 to the 9:00 position, it is being raised and slightly rolled so the "U" points toward the center. (It may also be neccesary to slide the gouge along the tool rest to make the full cut.)

removing the pinnacle. The center of the bowl usually creates a small problem. Often times there's an area in the center that the gouge just doesn't want to cut.

There are several ways to attack this problem. If the gouge is almost completely rolled over as it approaches the center, the center pinnacle should be removed. Be careful when trying this. Sometimes the gouge Will snap off this center pinnacle and jump to the other side.

Another approach is to remove the pinnacle after the inside of the bowl is almost

6 The handle of the gouge travels from 4:00 to the 9:00 position, in the arc shown. Begin to roll the gouge towards the center in the last half of the cut.

9 When removing the bowl, from the faceplate, the parting tool is used to cut off some of the waste. Make the groove slightly larger than the width of the tool.

4 After the finish shape is formed with the '// gouge, clean up the surface of the bowl with the heavy scraper. Then use the </v" scraper to clean up the lip.

7 Remove the center pinnacle using the 'A" gouge, cutting from the center out-ivard, or with the heavy scraper. Don't let either tool go beyond the center point.

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