Bottom Stretcher


Glue walnut washer to underside of plywood.

Shape outside with spokeshave and files,

Note: All tenons are 1 in. long.

due dowel into rail templates for the legs. I'll tell more about this later.

One note: The tray pictured was the first one I built. I've made another since and modified some of the dimensions and the joinery. The drawings and photos in this article reflect those changes.

Once the templates were made, I went to work on the stand, keeping the easier part of the project—the tray—for last. To ensure a uniform color, I made most of the parts from one walnut board and the rest from the same tree.

I used 12J A stock for the legs due to their compound curves. You could laminate thinner boards to make up the necessary thickness, but then the finished legs would show irregularities in the grain pattern at the glue lines. I think this detracts from the overall effect.

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