By Voicu Marian

Spokeshave Chair Leg

Almost every year lor my wife's birthday 1 make something special for her in my shop, rather than buying a gilt. List year, as the event was last approaching, my imagination was racing, trying to come up with a worthwhile project.

While I was cooking breakfast for the family one Saturday morning. I go! the idea for this breakfast tray, which has a stand made of walnut and a tra\

made of maple.

To figure out the ideal design, I sat in bed with a 12-in. w ide board across my lap, supported b> two stacks of books, and I removed books until the height felt right. I established the w idth and length of the tray by setting our dining table with the plates, cups and utensils that you normally find at breakfast and measuring the area covered.

Making the Stand

To make the stand, I first cut out templates for each of the shaped pans (See Figs. 2 and 3 ) I made the templates from mat board (available at an supply stores) because it s durable and w ill last if I decide to do production runs. I made both top and side templates for the legs and all the other stand pans because of their compound cimes. Also, there are separate mortise


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