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Fine Woodworking

Fine Woodworking Tools

Fine woodworking tools are ^^^^

designed to do a job and do it well. ^^^^^^ Properly for they'll last a life time, and hopefully beyond that to serve future generations of woodworkers. Since 1928, demanding wpJ^^Ufm craftsmen have found H^Wr^

that there's only one for the finest

1-800-542-9115 M

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Hot Tools From the Hardware Show i

American WoODWORKEReditors visited the National Hardware Show in Chicago in August and fotmda few tools worth mentioning.

Ryobi Hits a Triple With Three New Products

Ryobi's budget-priced Oscillating Spindle Sander (model OSS ISO) will smoodi contours that belt or disc sandcrs can't reach. Hie spindle holds a sanding sleeve that oscillates up and down while rotating at 2000 rpm, so the machine sands quickly without scratch marks and without burning the wood. It comes with '/¿-in.- and l-in.-dia. interchangeable rubber spindles. Optional spindles from \ in. dia. to 3 in. dia. arc available. (Price: S200) qmh^i

With the motorized feed control system on its new RA202 Radial

Arm Saw, Ryobi has eliminated the tendency radial saws have to cut too aggressively and jerk the saw head toward you. The system, which can be retrofitted to Rvobi's RA220

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