By A Harvey Meyer

I coughed and choked into my respirator as I emerged from the dense lacquer cloud that hung thick across the shop. Upstairs, my mother shouted, afraid that I had suffocated in the haze.

That's how I remember my first experience spraying lacquer with a high-pressure, compressed-air system. It was frustrating and dangerous. My second experience wasn't much better: I worked in the garage with the door open and spent the rest of the afternoon and the next day cleaning up the ovcrspray and polishing the dried lacquer flecks off the car. It was years before I sprayed lacquer again.

Fortunately, the new high-volume, low-pressure (IIVLP) spray systems on the market have eliminated the over-spray problems I had and have made spraying at home practical and safer.

With HVLP, you get an extremely efficient portable system that gently broadcasts a fine mist of finish that goes where you spray it. Conventional systems, by contrast, rely on high-prcs-sure compressed air that delivers the

for production work. One unique sor that pressurizes the finish cup to prcvidfSffl^Hxfl movement. It is more system than anyone t&cwH home shop, but its ease of use makes it ktoitSI ^^^^^^ anyone who wants a system with all Mb :: top features.

halt the price of the CX-12 and is :m excellent two-stage sprayer for


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