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round or multisided stock. And with a plunge router, you can cut mortises at compound angles as used in chair construction. You can even use the Wtxxichuck to make dock gears.

The Woodchuck works with most routerĀ» and will accept stock up to 33 in. long and 9 in. in diameter. (An optional extension package increases stock capacity to 80 in. long.)

'Hie system comes with four indexing plates that provide 16, 20, 24 or 36 indexed positions. Two fences and stoj>s on the bed adjust to guide the muter for difl'erent operations.

You can also operate the Woodchuck in a freewheeling mode, rotating the stock by hand to make circular cuts as on a lathe. To make tapers, you raise or lower either the hcadstock or tailstock to angle the workpiece with respect to the router bed. An optional (xmccntric Spiral Upgrade (shown in photo) lets you make flutes or beads in a spiral pattern.

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