Customizing Your Hvlp Sprayer

II you do a lot of spraying and want to soup up your basic IIVLP system, check out the accessories offered by the various manufacturers

These include remote cups, w hich allow you to spray without the burden of a hcav\ finish-filled container on the gun: pressurized paint tanks for handling large quantities of finish; iS connectors, which make hose connections at the gun more comfortable: and special valves to control lluid flow.

One add-on I've found to he outstanding is the Lex-Aire air booster ($2~5). It can improve the performance of most of the turbines I tried, though it won't fit the Apollo or the Wagner IincCoat.

The booster works in conjunction with a 2-1 IP or larger compressor, and when you start to spray, this b(k>ster adds compressed air to the air at the output end of the turbine. The added volume of air from the booster lets a two-stage turbine easilv do the work of a

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