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With its new EVS series routers, Bosch lias solved a half dozen nagging router problems—like keeping plunge posts clean and installing template guides. Bach router has a six-position speed control that adjusts rpm from 12,000 to 23,000, and a flip-down chip shield that gives you easy access to the collet to change bits. You can make microfinc depth adjustments from any plunge position. Other features include flexible plastic bellows that keep dust off the plunge posts, a unique lever-action quick-change system that allows you to install any of 11 template guides in an instant, a dust extraction system that attaches to the base for use with shop vacs, and a new muter edge guide that lets you fine-tune adjustments with a dial and works on curvcd as well as straight surfaces. Model 1613EVS has 2 HP and '/¿-in. collet capacity, while the 1614EVS has 1'/» HP and '/»-in. collet capacity. Single speed versions of these two models round out the series. (Price: 1613EVS $320; 16HEVS $2S5)

Robert Bosch Power Tool Corp., Dept. AWT, One Hundred Bosch Blvd., New Bern. NC 28562, (8(H)) 334-4/51.


i magi tie a machine that .can cut spir.il flutes, make mortises at compound angles, lajXT a diair k*g and more, and you'll get some idea of die versuilitv w of the Wtxxlchuck Indexing System.

Tliis clever machine gives you some of die capabilities of the lathe and all the versatility of a router fitted with a collection of shop-made jigs, allowing you to perform operations that wouldn't be possible with cither of those machines alone. Like a lathe, Woodchuck works l>est on long stock such as posts, spindles and pedestals. And it excels at operations on multi-sided blanks like <x*tagons.

The t(x>l gets its name from the large indexing plate on a hcadstock that allows you to rotate your stock to indexed positions and lock it in place for routing. You clamp the workpiece horizontals between die hcadstock and tailstock and move your router on a lxrd above, with the bit projecting down into the work. Then you guide the router over the stock by hand.

In addition to the operations mentioned above, you can chamfer edges, true a rough blank into a perfect square in minutes and cut beads with perfect symmetry. You also can produce straight or tapered sliding dovetails on

The Woodchuck Indexing System

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