-08-831-9600). A fan dial moves 200 to 3<>0 CF\1 is usually adequate.

Hie last spraying tip involves getting a super-fine finish with the last coat. If you use the fluid nozzle and needle recommended for the viscosity

you are spraying but change the air cap to the next smaller size, you'll end up with finer atomization. The over-spray mist will increase slightly, but you can counteract this by angling the gun slightly (about 5° to 10° from perpendicular), away from the wet area, and spraying full, wet coats, overlapping each succeeding coat by SO percent. A few days of practice should have you spraying with the best of them.—A.M.

Lace w o o d species names

Cardwcllia suhlimis (Northern

Australia. Queensland)

Grevillea rohusta (Southern Australia,

Africa. India, Sri Lanka)

Platan us hybrcda (United Kingdom)

Platan us acerifolia (United Kingdom)

Koupala spp. (Brazil)

Panopsis rubescens (Para, Brazil)

trade names_

Lacewood, silky oak (Queensland) European plane (United Kingdom). Also sometimes marketed as: London plane (United Kingdom), English plane (United Kingdom), harewood (United Kingdom), leopard wood (Brazil).

visual appearance

Lacewood, often called silky oak. has a light- to medium-toned mahogany or chcrry background coloration with highly figured patterns similar to those found in quartersawn oak. This attractive figure is consistent because of the flaked silvery grain and large, regular medullary rays.

technical properties

Lacewtxxl is a medium-weight wcxxl with a specific gravity of .53 to .63» depending on the species. Grain lines run straight except where diverted by figured rays. Boards are typically clear and uncommonly free of defects and knots. A pore structure docs exist and often displays slightly darker longitudinal gum lines. Texture is medium to coarse. The more stable quartered and rift cuts are preferred because of the desirable figure. Flat-sawn planks are prone to warping and cupping.


You can expect some difficulty in machining. The cellular walls that

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