lowest price among those tested.

The Vega's front rail is a round, chrome-plated steel tube that mounts to the saw table with thick aluminum brackets. A rear rail made of square steel tubing provides a surface on which the nylon button on the outfeed end of the fence rides. The fence itself is a 2'/2-in. x 42-in. square aluminum extrusion. A cam locks the fence against the front rail. To remove the

Rail Length: 72 in. Rip Capacity: 50 in. right

8 in. left List Price: Fence $242.50

Vega Enterprises Inc. RR 3

Decatur, 11.62526 (217)963-2232

fence, you simply lift it off the rails. This fence moved vcrv smoothlv

and locked tight with ease. The out-feed end deflected 0.007 in. with a 10-pound side load.

I was impressed with the Vega's "microadjust" feature, which consists of a small, secondary locking handle and a knurled screw that allows you to fine-tune fence position. With this feature. I was able to adjust the fence left or right as little as C).(K) I in. at a time.

I found the Vega model 50 the easiest to install of all the fences. It fit the Unisaw's standard mounting holes, and I had the fence operating in less than an hour. The rail-mounting brackets have "jacking screws" to adjust the vertical position of the rails. This is a real plus, as you can set the clearance between the fence and saw table more casilv than on most other

fences. Slots in the front brackets allow you to adjust the horizontal position of the rail so you can zero out the rip measuring scale.

Vega offers a dual-function accessory called the Finger Saver ($36). (See photo.) It's a stock pusher that rides in slots in the top of the fence and doubles as a crosscut stop block. A Stock Feed System consisting of a spring-steel feather board and roller wheel is also available, as well as a shorter rail set with 40-in. rip capacity.

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