When you've drilled all the holes, handsaw the waste in between.

Hinge the box together again with tape to hold the pieces in alignment for gluing, then unfold the pieces flat to apply glue to all the joints. Lightly hold the sides together with a band clamp, invert the box, and place a weight on the top to secure it until die glue dries. If you don't have a band clamp, tight masking tape will do.

Gluing edge grain to end grain can cause problems because the pieces of wood will expand in different directions as humidity changes with the seasons. I figured, in this case, I could get by Willi this cross-grain construction sincc the top of the box was a narrow, wclkiried piece of wcxxl and I intended to keep the box indoors.

After the glue dries, cut off the lid. I did this on the tablcsaw and ran the top of die box along the fence to keep the cuts square and in alignment. You might want to tape spacers in each kerf to keep the lid from wobbling when you cut the hist edge.

The soundboard rests on four little glue blocks set behind the feet and is held down by mitercd, slip-fitted inserts that also help keep the lid in position. (See drawing.) The inserts are not glued; friction will hold them in place.

Now you can drill the soundboard for access to the winding key underneath and install a switch of vour

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