20 ft 54-in. whip

on hose

2 qt remote


9.7 25 ft on gun body 1-qt quick connect $885

9.7 25 ft on gun body 1-qt quick connect $885

^ AMSPRAY 690: This lightweight system is the one I'd choose for portable commercial use. The pattern-control knob is on the side of the gun where it is easy to manipulate. Lefties will be pleased the knob is accessible from either side of the gun. It lacks an air-control valve.

a bleeder passage to let air escape constantly, even when you aren't depressing the trigger. This bleeder action is necessary to move air through the system and prevent overheating.

The volume of air also explains the size of the hose, which is about 1 in.

dia. and much larger than those on compressed-air systems. Some people complain about the bulky hose at first, but I find it is easy to manipulate if you drape it over your back and down along your arm.

Fine-Tuning the Spray

To get the best results from any spray system, you need to regulate tbellow of air and/or fluid through the gun, the atomization rate of the finish, and the gun's spray pattern. Each of the HVLP svstems I tested offers vari-

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