high-pressure air at or in the gun.

A minus for these systems is that you're working with a compressor and storage tank that might contain contaminates. For more exacting spraying with a CAS unit, you will need to filter \xnir

air to protect against contamination.

The horsepower rating of compressors, especially those offered in consumer lines, is often overrated, so if you go the conversion route, be sure you check your actual compressor output to see if it will meet the CAS gun air capacity requirements.

That said. CAS guns are of excellent quality, and all those that I've used perform as well as the better HVLP guns. One gun, the Graco 1265 (available from Graco Inc., 4050 Olson Memorial Hwv.,

Minneapolis. MN 55422. 800-367-4023) is particularly outstanding. And it's the most miserlv air user of

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