three-stage system. This can be important if you're spraying very viscous finishes or need to move a large amount of finish.

•NOTE: If your booster setup exceeds 10 PM at the air cup, you may be out of compliance with IIVLP regulations in some states.

Remote cups are also convenient accessories. In mv home

shop. 1 spray with a remote 1-quart cup connected to an air compressor supplying 3 to ~ PSI. This allows far more control of the material and enables me to do things with the gun that arc impossible with the cup connected to it. For example, I can turn the gun sideways and only partially trigger it to spray the edges of a table.

You can make other, even simpler modifications to an IIVLP system b> buying different-sized nozzles and air caps to customize the gun for each finish you use.—AM.

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