ous ways to fine-tune spray quality.

You have to experiment with the control functions offered bv vour svs-

tem until you get top performance with the finish you're using.

First. HVLP units have a valve at the end of the air hose or on the gun body itself to control air flow. This adjustment is very important in regulating atomization and spray patterns, and I urge anyone with a system that doesn't have this to add it as an accessor)'.

You can also adjust atomization by changing the gun's nozzle or the wing-

tem includes an excellent three-stage turbine and some handy features like a hose-end air valve to cut back unnccdcd volume and an air-cap ring that allows you to return to a p-.irticular pattern setting. Although the trigger is a bit wide for optimum comfort, the gun atomizes beautifully and has a hill range of features.

shaped air cap. Air is released through holes on both sides of the wing and mixes with the finish to increase atomization. The smaller the air cap, the greater the air pressure and atomization.

Some systems have an adjustment


This single-stage sprayer is the lowest-priced MVLP system on the market. It has no adjustments for air volume or spray pattern, hut that didn't stop me from achieving a factory-quality finish.

The Wagner CS8000

system is a three-stage machine, offering the onh non-bleeder gun. Instead, it has an air bleeder on the turbine. which makes the turbine slightly noisy but the gun much quieter. The gun was very comfortable to use and one of mv favorites.

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