made from a couple of pennies with BBs sandwiched in between to act as bearings. but the movement wasn't as smooth as I wanted. Ultimately, 1 replaced the BBs with a set of '.-in. II). 1« ,-in. OD bearings I found in a plastic bin at the local hardware store.

I used a piece of copper wire as the trip mechanism. It's press-fit into a dowel, which fits snugly in the center of the bearings and is epoxied to the coin. The wire engages the governor fan that controls the speed of the music box movement.

You can turn the music off and on by opening the lid or by turning the coin with your fingertips to activate the switch when the box is closed.

The drawing (above right) shows an optional trip mechanism to the eoppcr wire. This switch consists of a piece of 14-gauge copper wire that runs down a shallow kerf ait in tlx- hack of die cedar liner. The top and Ixxtom of the wire arc bent. One end fits between the two halves of a liinge and the other engages the governor fan.

When the box is closed, the hinge pushes the wire-down so it stops the fan. When you open the lid. a lxdl-point-pen spring lifts the wire away from the fan, starting the music.—J.C.

Closing hinge depresses wire.

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