keep in mind that the ultimate decision will depend on how you intend to use the sprayer and how much money you want to spend. Other than value for the buck, price was not a consideration in my choices.

That said, I'd suggest that if you're an occasional user, your best buy would be the Croix CX-5, followed by the Campbell Hausfeld HV2000 and the Wagner FineCoat. For the intermediate user, my first choice is the Eagle Spray ES 1000,

LEX-AIRE LX-50A: The gun on this two-stage sprayer has a port for attaching a pressure gauge—a nice feature. This lets vou track air

pressure so you can find the best PS1 rating for each job and finish. Lex-Aire offers an extensive selection of accessories. I especially like the air booster» which improved the performance of most of the systems 1 tried.

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