you spray, it may take four or five minutes to get your adjustments fine-

tuned. but with a little experience, you'll Ik* able to gel the time lo 20 or 30 seconds. You can practice by filling the finish reservoir with water and spraying on paper until you get used lo the system.

Refining Your Technique with HVLP

I find HVLP systems are much Ixri-ter than compressed air for spraying water-based finishes, especially in cold or humid weather. If you spray lacquers, particularly in the summer, you'll need to add a retarder or flow-out additive to the lacquer. Turbine air is so much drier and warmer than air in compressed systems that lacquer scLs up Ixrfore it can flow oui.

Because HVLP systems lav down

about twice as much finish on the workpiece as conventional spray systems, you will have to move faster and/or dr.isiicdly cut lxick on your fluid flow when using an IIVLP sprayer.

As you depress the trigger, begin spraying across the surface. Stan with the gun away from your body and work toward vourself. Ill is will enable

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