The fence is a 43-in. long aluminum extrusion that fastens to a thick, cast-alloy fence "body" that tracks along the front rail. A small nylon foot supports die outfeed end of die fence body. The locking mechanism rides in a slot in the rail, yet you can quickly release it to lift the fence off. (There's no rear rail.) The Unifenee has a dual inch/metric rip scale, with two hairline indicators.

The Unifence's versatility comes

from its shape and dual fence positions (see photos). You can position it with a y/2-in. high vertical surface for general ripping, or mount the fence with a short, Vton. high edge for trimming panels faced with laminate—a real plus.

In addition, you can adjust the fence up and down as well as fore and aft, positioning its far end slightly before the blade, for example, to make a stop gauge for repeated crosscuts with the miter gauge. To rip to the left of the blade, you have to remove the fence and remount it on the right side of the fence body—only a 30-second job.

Rail Length: 83 in. Rip Capacity: 52 in. riglu

Delta International Machinery Corp. 246 Alpha Dr. Pittsburgh. PA 15238 (8(H)) 438-2486

However, the shape of the fence makes it difficult to mount hold-down fixtures on it.

The fence moves smoodilv and locks

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