Quick Change Faceplate

Here's a versatile new two-piece lathe faceplate system that lets you keep several pieces in progress and remount them without the hassle of recentering a faccplate every time. The Read Faceplate System consists of a central hub and one or more 4-in. dia. disks. The hub screws onto the lathe's hcadstock spindle, then the disks screw onto the hub. You can buv several disks—so switching jobs is as simple as unscrewing one disk and mounting another. This works great for rough turning a piece, setting it aside to dry, then remounting for final turning. Hubs are available to fit most lathes, and each hub is drilled and tapped for a screw center to convert it to a screw chuck. (Price: $27.50 for each hub; $7.50 for each disk: five disks for $35)

Read Tool Design and Manufacturing Co., Dept. AWT. Rt. 2, Box 207, Monticello, FL 32344, (904) 997-4980.

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