Music box movements and switches are available bv mail from the following suppliers:

► KLOCKIT. Box 636, Like Geneva. \\ I 53147. (800) 556-2548.

► MURRAY CLOCK CRAFT LTD., 510 McNicoll Ave., Willowdale, Ontario, Canada M2H 2E1, (800) 268-3181.

► NATIONAL ART CRAFT CO.. 23456 Mercantile Rd., Dept. T-90, Beachwood. OH 44122. (216) 292-1944.

► PRECISION MOVEMENTS, 42S1 Chestnut St.. Box 689, Emmaus, PA 19049.(215)967-3156.

► WORLD OF MUSIC BOXES, 414 Main St.. Avon-By-Thc-Sca, NJ 07717, (908) 988-0198.

under the pilot bearing if you try to use the bit freehand.

Next, cut the feet. First, create the inside curve on each foot with a '/¿-in. Forstner bit. As shown in the drawing, I located the center of the hole 1 xh in. from the ends and right on the edge of the arc created bv the round-over bit.

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