Spraying With Hvlp

It will take practice to master HVLP spraying, particularly if you have experience with a high-pressure, compressed-air system, because the techniques are a little different.

As with any spraying system, the viscosity of the finish determines how you spray it. In general, the higher the viscosity, the more air and the larger the nozzle and air cap you will need. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for thinning.

Once your viscosity is correct, adjust the pattern shape and size by spraying onto a piece of paper or cardboard. HVLP spray guns o|x?ratc best •i in. to 8 in. from the work, as opposed to the 6 in. to 12 in. with conventional guns. Adjust your finish flow so you get a full, wet coat without sags or runs. At this point, you may get an orange-peel surface from too much air. If this occurs, cut hack on your air volume, and re-adjust your finish How if ncccssarv. The first time

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