A floor for all seasons

The floor might strike some as extravagant, but Brian has his reasons. "My old shop was in the basement with a concrete floor," he relates. "1 decided that was the last such floor I wanted. This floor is worth all the hassle." The polished surface can become somewhat slippery, but Brian puts up with it because it's forgiving on tools that get dropped onto it. "I'd rather the floor take the damage instead of the tool," he says. "Also, the floor is easier on my feel—it isn't cold. And it was easy to run the plumbing and wiring underneath."

When Brian got done carving out space for the 3A bathroom ("it's a real treat to not have to go 100 feel outside to my home to use the facilities in the winter!")

and a storage area, he was left with a 25x28' space for his table-saw, jointer, drill press, and bandsaw, as well as two lathes and multiple workbenches.

From his earlier shop. Brian brought his oversize main workbench. a modification of a Euro-pean-stylecabinetmaker's bench. "That was too small for what I was doing," he says of one of his first big projects. "So 1 widened and lengthened it and stiffened up the top, using hard maple." The top also disassembles from the legs for easy repair.

The 3x8' bench is perpendicular to a wall out of necessity. When Brian installed two casement windows on each wall, it left him enough wall space for some smaller tools, but little else. Still, the windows provide plenty of natural light.

Brian works with green wood, which is moisture-heavy, so the shop becomes very humid and the windows fog up in winter. He insulated the windows on the inside with plastic wrap. "But there's no way I can eliminate that problem," he notes.

That minor headache is well worth the trade-off for Brian, who has created a workspace that's his own retreat. "It makes up for when I worked in an office and had to walk to the end of the hall to see outside," he says. Those days are gone.

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