A long straight shot

Wayne's former shop encompassed a 12x15' main shop and a 10x12' finishing and storage room. The new facility measures 16x36', and wood is stored in a shed. The shop's length and rectangular configuration are great for I'ipping long boards without having to angle the tablesaw. That's an improvement over his

Wayne positioned the main workbench near two double-hung windows, which let in plenty of natural light and can be opened for cooling. The three wall cabinets hang on a cleat rail that runs around the perimeter, allowing cabinets to be moved, removed, or added as needed.

former shop, which consisted of two adjoining rectangular rooms. That made moving long lengths of wood more difficult.

Wayne admits the width of the new shop is far from ideal. "I would have liked to make a bigger building," he acknowledges, "but the building codes wouldn't allow anything bigger in the desired location. If we wanted more width, we couldn't have located the shop where it is." Plus, they would have had to take down a rather large tree, adding to the cost.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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