Clamp Rack

Scott reports that his clamp rack, which holds eleven 24" bar clamps, took less than an hour, including the design and construction. Once the clamps are slid into the slots, gravity holds them in place. Scott used 3A" oak stock but says any hardwood will work.

Woodshop Storage Solutions

Dave Knau really went "into the hole" when he set up his new shop. With an unfinished basement as his blank canvas, and a lot of salvage, Dave pulled together a shop that helps him produce gaming tables of art.

f hen Dave Knau first cast eyes on the dirt-floored basement in the 1950s ranch-style house he'd bought nine years ago, his reaction was swift and sure. "Barb!" he exulted to his wife. "There's my shop!"

Most grown men wouldn't have reacted that way to a hole in the ground. But to Dave, it was like Picasso being handed a blank canvas. "I knew I could do whatever 1 wanted," says the executive at a large seed company. "I had the space; now I just had to figure out how to use it."

In Windsor Heights, Iowa, Dave, 55, has built a bright, workable, and efficient work space. "It's not a fancy shop," he acknowledges. "When I retire, maybe it'll be fancy. But ii is functional and practical."

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