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Wayne and David fashioned a cleat-rail system for their shop that supports clamp racks and cabinets. Clamp racks at the rear of the shop are simple %" plywood uprights screwed to horizontal 2x4s. Each clamp rack hangs on the cleat rail that runs around every wall. No hardware is needed to hold the cabinets on the rails; a beveled edge on the rail accommodates a mating beveled cleat. To learn more about how to build this cleat system, visit

Clamp Storage Wall

Wall Cabinet

Mitersaw/Planer Cabinet

Besides holding clamp racks (top, left), the cleat system also supports a dozen 18x30" specially built birch plywood cabinets (above).

A flip-top mobile cabinet holds two tools—a real space saver! When Wayne flips the rotating shelf, he can bring up a mitersaw or planer. Carriage bolts and lag screws hold the tools in place.

Clamp Storage Rack

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