Cleanliness and safety

One of the shop's three closets houses the cyclone and bag system for Walt's custom-made 5-hp dust-collection system, which uses spiral-steel ductwork from Air Handling Systems. Origi nally, Walt intended to house the entire dust-collection system in the center closet, which turned out too small for a 5-hp system. So Walt's dad, a retired median ical engineer, designed a cyclone and hung the motor from the rafters in the attic. "One advantage of placing the motor separately is it keeps the shop real quiet," Walt says. Floor sweeps scattered throughout the shop make daily cleanup quick.

Walt prefers to work in a clean, organized shop. "When you're carving, you'll pop a chip off and need to glue it back into place. If you let your shavings get 2-3"

deep around your work area, you're not going to find it," Walt points out. Also, a clean shop is less of a fire hazard.

Walt admits he's like most every other unsatisfied shop owner—"I'd love more space," he jokes. Bui he insists that anyone can design an efficient shop by summoning the patience, foresight, and attention to detail he used. "The best thing to do" Walt advises, "is to figure what you want, how much you can afford, and who's going to build it. Build the biggest shop you possibly can. Do it right the first time. And don't skimp."

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