For what I do Im very happy Unlike most woodworkers I talk to I dont even need more space I built this size shop because I thought it would work very well for me It has

Jim Morgans Wood Profits

Jim Morgan's Wood Profits

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Larry built his drafting table to convert into a flat surface, which he needs when refinishing rifle and shotgun stocks. The rack that houses the gun stocks is to the right of the window.

To equip his shop, store-bought solutions—such as the mobile tool chest, and the portable clamping workstation that supports his grinder-made excellent sense for Larry.

Measuring Tool Holder

Routers kick up a lot of chips, so Larry made a cabinet that collects them for easy disposal. He accomplished this by expanding a small benchtop router table into a floor-standing model and enlarging the top with a skirt of MDF. The removable fence he created allows the portable dust collector's 4" hose to attach at the rear, out of the way.

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