Was fortunate that this was my second shop so when I built it I knew how I wanted it laid out Of course bigger is always better

Photos Wood Working Shops Laid Out

ad and son attended school together. A very exclusive woodworking school, run by a very exclusive teacher.

"Arliss Roothe loved to give classes," Randy Zimmerman remembers of the informal but intense weekly sessions the retired Iowa state trooper conducted for his friends and neighbors until he passed on in I he fall of 2007. "My dad [Laverne] and I both used to go. Arliss would give homework assignments, like 'Build a mirror and use rabbets to serve an essential function.' And he'd check our work, always making suggestions as to how we could improve it." For example, if someone didn't have a router, Arliss would demonstrate how to cut rabbets on the tablesaw. "He was always going out of his way to make his students better woodworkers," Randy recalls.

Between his hours at the nearby Air National Guard base, where he runs (he paint shop. Randy constructed his home's kitchen cabinets

(above), being sure to follow Arliss' instructions. Cabinets and a bedroom suite for his daughter, Brooke, were among the first projects Randy constructed when he started woodworking seven years ago.

Arliss and Randy's father passed away within several weeks of each other. Randy remembers both of them through his love of woodworking and by following their advice. "Anytime I try something new," he says, "1 always think how both of them encouraged me to learn."

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