Would design a wider entrance to the garage and add about a foot of width to the bathroom to make the dustcollection basket easier to empty

ABOVE: Looking east through two sets of triple-panel, double-paned windows, Sam can admire the view of the Bay of Chaleur, steps away from his shop.

RIGHT: Because Sam does some stone carving {see page 9S), he constructed a downdraft booth {far left In photo) with clear acrylic walls to keep the dust out of the shop. Placing his bandsaw in front of a window blocks his view a little, but it was the best spot to give him ample rip space and good lighting.

ABOVE: The compact turning center illustrates how Sam placed a layer of pressed wood behind the drywall throughout the shop so he could hang accessories wherever he needed them. "I knew I was going to hang a lot of stuff, and I didn't want to always look for studs," Sam explains. "That extra layer also helps in keeping the noise down."

LEFT: One of Julie Daigle's conditions of having a dedicated building for a shop was it had to have a pleasing look, Sam installed two frosted-glass doors and decorative glass dividers to match those on their house. Above his sharpening station to the left of the doors hangs the air cleaner.

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