Would have liked a higher ceiling And of course if I had more space Id be able to add another bandsaw eliminating the need to switch blades frequently

RIGHT: The copper tubing on the wall of Scott's lower-level shop traps moisture that forms in the compressed-air system, the result of hot air blowing through it. Water runs into a tank that Scott empties periodically. In the foreground is Scott's outfeed table. He built it of cabinet-grade plywood and designed it to be the same height as his mitersaw table to give him more stock support. On the tabletop are some of the roller boards Scott designed for moving heavier pieces. (See plans on page 32.)

Delta Outfeed Table Plans

ABOVE: Ductwork for Scott's two dust-collection systems snakes around virtually every tool in his lower-level shop, which houses his tools. His Fein vac system provides pinpoint collection at his drill press and bandsaw, general collection at his mitersaw and router-table fence, and additional collection at his smaller tablesaw. Scott's 5-hp dust-collection unit services his drill press and the small Delta sander next to it, as well as his 6x80 belt sander, router table, mitersaw, tablesaw, jointer, sander, and bandsaw. White PVC pipe for Scott's Fein vacuum dust-collection unit maintains the lower-level shop wall's unbroken brightness. The photo also gives a good idea of the dust-collection ports and the interlocking soft flooring mats that make it easier for Scott to work on a concrete floor.

Homemade Dust Collectors For Woodworking

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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